Family Engagement

2021 GOALS

  • Host at least 15 family sessions throughout the year to share timely information and resources, connect families to one another, and continue to identify support gaps.   
  • Target underserved communities to proactively support and achieve better outcomes for all eligible babies at risk for neo-natal abstinence syndrome and elevated lead levels.
  • Connect at least 250 advocates and families with neighborhood opportunities and with other advocates to foster meaningful, healthy relationships.
  • Translate Future is Now materials in a culturally sensitive way to engage older caregivers who speak Spanish as they plan for the future of their loved one.
  • Empower families with supports from the Respite Intervention Services and Education (RISE) program—including trauma informed timelines, in-home behavior support, occupational therapy, and parent peer support—to decrease the risk of out-of-home placement for their child.
a family of five poses and smiles for a photo

Our 2021 Annual Plan identifies goals and action steps for the year. Each goal is rooted in our Strategic Plan and represents concrete steps toward our long-term objectives.

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan identified five focus areas that will allow us to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and position Hamilton County DD Services for the future.  You can see our Strategic Plan at