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2021 GOALS

  • Invest in face-to-face outreach to Hamilton County community councils targeting underserved communities to connect families with supports earlier and to develop new neighborhood partnerships.
  • Expand lists for sharing content and press releases with all community councils and community-based organizations that have newsletters and a social media presence. Use these lists to share events or emerging news for better neighborhood connections.
  • Rework HCDDS publications, postcards, and website to be more widely accessible with technical fixes and plain language writing.
  • Develop and promote a quarterly plain-language magazine, available in print and accessible formats, targeting people served, that mirrors the stories and content in other HCDDS outlets.
  • Capture additional inclusive housing stories to demonstrate diverse and varied housing options.
  • Assure access to personal protective equipment, testing, and other resources for providers for those most vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Develop and post informational videos that offer clear, consistent information about Level 1, SELF, and Individual Options waivers.
a woman wearing a mask carries boxes of gloves to a car

Our 2021 Annual Plan identifies goals and action steps for the year. Each goal is rooted in our Strategic Plan and represents concrete steps toward our long-term objectives.

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan identified five focus areas that will allow us to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and position Hamilton County DD Services for the future.  You can see our Strategic Plan at strategicplan.hamiltondds.org.