2024 Annual Plan

Our Annual Plan identifies goals and action steps for the upcoming year.
Each goal is rooted in our Strategic Plan and represents concrete steps toward our long-term objectives.

Guidance Through Life Stages

People served and their families will experience confident, seamless transitions from one life stage to the next — from babies to school-age children to adults to senior citizens​

Empowerment of People with DD, Families, Staff

People with developmental disabilities, their families, and their HCDDS and provider staff will be empowered to reimagine, strengthen, and modernize supports for a good life.

Community Engagement And Equitable Access

Identify opportunities and address common barriers so all people with DD have better access to transportation, housing, medical care, mental health, and inclusive neighborhoods. HCDDS will engage diverse community allies to partner on key initiatives for equitable access and good quality of life for people with DD and other Hamilton County citizens. Direct HCDDS funding to support these community initiatives.

Long-Term Sustainability Of High-Quality Support

HCDDS will be thought-leaders and policy drivers to promote sustainable, high-quality support. This includes streamlining internal HCDDS processes, investing in skilled staff, and assuring fiscal health and responsibility. We will collaborate with regional and state partners on systemic solutions to DSP workforce concerns, leverage partnerships to reduce overlap and inefficiencies, and pilot bold, innovative approaches to address existing problems in a new way.

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